Pine Chair is a tall and enveloping chair, that appears both light and massive at the same time, due to its slender pine frame and thick upholstered sides. To sit in an enclosing chair is a special experience; three sides are covered, leaving you with a calm focus on whats right in fromt of you. This gives you a feeling of ease and tranquility. 

Pine Chair was made as a part of the workshop Skud på Stammen/Branching Out 2015, and has been exhibited at Trapholt Museum, Kolding Denmark

Made by:

Cabinetmakers: Ane Bomskov Møller & Manuel Gimenez Acevedo
Upholstery by: Sara Hammer & Jeppe Søndergaard Hansen
Material: Kalmar Pine, Divina Melange Fabric - Sponsored by  Kvadrat Textiles
Photo: Aleksander Stokkebro Sørensen